Three Birds Consulting offers communication, education and outreach products tailored to meet your objectives. From email newsletters, blog posts and video production to event planning and technical editing, we do it all.

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Digital Communications


Do you need a digital communications strategy or one or more products, such as a video, audio recordings, or social media posts?

Event Planning


Educational events are us! We've planned events such as biennial conferences on regional water issues, workshops on controlling invasive plants, children's environmental festivals, recurring outreach booths.

Technical Editing


With a background in science, conservation and wildlife, along with strong editing skills, we can help you finesse your document, be it an annual or strategic plan, a journal article, a book, or other.

Website Management


Is website management overwhelming you? We have experience updating and creating content for a variety of websites and are proficient in content management systems such as Wordpress, Fuel and Joomla.

Grant or Project Completion,
Interim Positions


Need an interim communications specialist or have a grant that needs completion? We can fill the gap in a professional manner or help you fulfill the requirements of a grant. We learn quickly, are flexible and can inject energy and enthusiasm into your project or position.

Creative Solutions


If you prefer to start with your objectives and then figure out what solutions you need to reach them, we can help you. We've addressed the need for nature exploration and a conservation ethic with "Beach Discovery Backpacks" and much more.